FB01--04 Moon Time - It Came Out Of The Sky - Creedence Clearwater Revival.mp3
FB01--05 Picnic Polka - Cowboy Sweet Heart - LeAnn Rimes.mp3
FB01--06 Slappin Leather - The Cat Had Fun - John Brosnan.mp3
FB01--07 California Coast - She Lays It All On The Line - George Strait.mp3
FB01--09 Walk - Guitars & Cadillacs - Dwight Yoakam.mp3
FB01--10 Mucara Walk - La Mucara - The Mavericks.mp3
FB01--13 Neon Moon - Neon Moon - Brooks & Dunn.mp3
FB01--16 Bowlegging - Don't Be Cruel - Marty Stuart.mp3
FB01--19 Cowboy Ritme - Little Ramona - BR5-49.mp3
FB02--03 K - Caliente 1 - Who Were You Thinking Of - Texas Tornados.mp3
FB02--05 Country Hustle - I've Had Enough - The Tractors.mp3
FB02--07 Drowsy Maggie - Cock Of The Nord – Drowsy Maggie Fables.mp3
FB02--08 Feel Like Crying - Cry To Me - Ronnie Mc Dowell.mp3
FB02--11 K - Kickin’ Ass - In The Shadow Of The Black Hills - Ben Ivens.mp3
FB02--16 K - Tempted - Tempted - Marty Stuart.mp3
FB02--18 Tush Push - Don't Rock The Jukebox - Alan Jackson.mp3
FB03--01 Aint Going Down - Aint Going Down - Garth Brooks.mp3
FB03--02 Black Coffee Traag - Black Coffee - Sean Kenny.mp3
FB03--02a Black Coffee Traag - Black Coffee - Lacy J. Dalton.mp3
FB03--03 Coasting - Lord Of The Dance - Michael Flatley.mp3
FB03--09 Graceland - Elvis Rumba - Line Dance Heaven.mp3
FB03--11 Just A Memory - Memories Are Made Of This - Dean Brothers.mp3
FB03--11a Just A Memory - Memories Are Made Of This - Peter Wesley.mp3
FB03--12 Just A Minute - Wait A Minute - Sarah Evans.mp3
FB03--14 Patient Heart - Patient Heart - Bekka & Billy.mp3
FB03--15 Pizzericco - Pizzericco - The Mavericks.mp3
FB03--16 Red Hot Salsa - Red Hot Salsa - Dave Sherrif.mp3
FB03--17 The Bug - The Bug - Dire Straits.mp3
FB03--19 Vertical Expressions - Vertical Expression - The Bellamy Brothers.mp3
FB04--01 Achy Breaky - Achy Breacky Heart - Billy Ray Cyrus.mp3
FB04--02 Alligator Rock - See You Later Alligator - Johnny Earle.mp3
FB04--04 Boxed In - Tricky Moon - Georges Ducas.mp3
FB04--06 Chattahoochee - Chattahoochee - Alan Jackson.mp3
FB04--07 Conny Step - Dancing Cowboys - The Bellamy Brothers.mp3
FB04--11 El Paso Swing - If I Only Knew - The Mavericks.mp3
FB04--12 K - Feel Free - Feel Free - The Bellamy Brothers.mp3
FB04--18 Rumba Ride - Live A Little - Marc Chesnutt.mp3
FB05--01 B.B.B. - Boogie And Beethoven - The Dukes Band.mp3
FB05--05 Chill Factor - Love You To Much - Brady Seals.mp3
FB05--06 Derailled - And Then She Kissed Me - Deraillers.mp3
FB05--07 Fly Like A Bird - Fly Like A Bird - Bozz Scaggz.mp3
FB05--07a Fly Like A Bird - Fly Like A Bird - Peter Wesley.mp3
FB05--10 I Said I Love You - I Said I Love You - Raul Malo.mp3
FB05--14 Pipeliner – The Old Pipeliner – The Com Dogs.mp3
FB05--15 K - Party Square - Orange Blossem Special - James Last.mp3
FB05--16 Scotia Samba - Gone For Real - Charlie Daniels.mp3
FB05--19 Yippe I A - I Tell My Ma - Shamrock.mp3
FB05--20 You're So Naughty - He Drinks Tequila - Sammy Kershaw & Lorrie Morgan.mp3
FB05--20a You're So Naughty - He Drinks Tequila - Peter Wesley.mp3
FB06--04 Rose Garden - Rose Garden - Scooter Lee.mp3
FB06--07 Let Us Try - Let Us Try - Peter Wesley.mp3
FB06--08 Hillybilly Rock - Hillbilly Rock, Hillybilly Roll - The Siddelers.mp3
FB06--10 Country 2 Step - I Just Want My Baby Back - Jerry Kilgore.mp3
FB06--11 Stick It Up - Elvis Medley - The Deans.mp3
FB06--12 Honky Tonk Twist - Honky Tonk Twist - Scooter Lee.mp3
FB06--14 Playboy Blues - Playboy - Dwight Yoakam.mp3
FB06--16 Just Wanna Dance - I Just Wanna Dance With You - George Strait.mp3
FB06--17 Rock 'n Roll Bride - I Knew The Bride - The Deans.mp3
FB06--18 Blue Bayou - Blue Bayou - Roy Orbison.mp3
FB06--20 K - Chicken Reel - Chicken Real - Nevada.mp3
FB07--01 K - Flying Scotsman - Voices Of The Highlands - Speed Limit.mp3
FB07--02 Bad Moon On The Rise - Bad Moon Rising - Creedence Clearwater Revival.mp3
FB07--03 Suds In The Bucket - Suds In The Bucket - Sara Evans.mp3
FB07--04 Clickety Clack - Southbound Train - Travis Tritt.mp3
FB07--05 Stray Cat Strut - Walk Of Life - Dire Straits.mp3
FB07--06 Wave On Wave - Wave On Wave - Pat Green.mp3
FB07--08 Baby I'm Burning - Baby I'm Burning - Dolly Parton.mp3
FB07--09 Some Girls - Some Girls - The Deans.mp3
FB07--10 The King And I - I Got Stung - Elvis Presley.mp3
FB07--12 Sundown Waltz - Sundown In Nashville - Peter Wesley.mp3
FB07--14 Who Did You Call Darling - Who Did You Call Darling - Heather Myles.mp3
FB07--15 Side By Side - We Work It Out - Joni Harms.mp3
FB07--17 Jailhouse Floor - I Found Jesus On The Jailhouse Floor - Peter Wesley.mp3
FB07--18 Overnight Heartache - Overnight Success - Rick Trevino.mp3
FB07--19 In Dreams - In Dreams - Roy Orbison.mp3
FB07--20 Closer - Closer - Susan Ashton.mp3
FB07--21 K - Brazilian Cha Cha - One Night At The Time - George Strait.mp3
FB07--22 Butterfly Waltz - Love You Every Second - Peter Wesley.mp3
FB08--01 K - Waltz Across Texas - Thee Goes My Everything - Englebert Humperdinck.mp3
FB08--02 Some Beach - Some Beach - Blake Shelton.mp3
FB08--03 Speak To The Sky - Speak To The Sky - Brendon Walmsley.mp3
FB08--06 Copperhead Road - Copperhead Road - Peter Wesley.mp3
FB08--07 Southern Delight - Lavantando Las Manas - Speed Limit.mp3
FB08--08 Try This One - Big River - Trick Pony.mp3
FB08--09 Bypass - Wrapped Around - Brad Paisley.mp3
FB08--11 Matador - Mighty Matador - Dave Sheriff.mp3
FB08--12 Radio Rock - Thank God For The Radio - Alan Jackson.mp3
FB08--13 Let Me Off - Stop The World And Let Me Off - Dwight Yoakam.mp3
FB08--14 My New Life - High Class Lady - The Lennerockers.mp3
FB08--17 Uno Momento - Un Momento Alla - Rick Trevino.mp3
FB09--01 The Trail - Trail Of Tears - Peter Wesley.mp3
FB09--03 Doesn't Mather - Every Little Thing - Carlene Carter.mp3
FB09--07 A Piece Of The Pie - Designated Drinker - Alan Jackson.mp3
FB09--08 Watcha Wanna Do That For - I Fell In Love - Carlene Carter.mp3
FB09--09 Boot Scootin’ Boogie Lane - Pocket Of A Clown - Dwight Yoakam.mp3
FB09--10 Rock'n Roll Is King - Rock 'n Roll Is King - Electric Light Orchestra.mp3
FB09--11 Manilows Dreams - Your Man - Josh Turner.mp3
FB09--12 Red Staggerwing - Red Staggerwing - Mark Knopfler & Emmylou Harris.mp3
FB09--14 Still In Love - Still In Love - Peter Wesley.mp3
FB09--15 K - East Coast Switch - My Next Broken Heart - Riverside.mp3
FB09--16 Ticket To Heaven - Ticket To Heaven - Dire Straits.mp3
FB09--18 Bocephus - Tom Dooley - .mp3
FB09--19 Siempre Cha Cha - What You Mean To Me - Chris De Burgh.mp3
FB09BIS--02 Sweet Sweet Smile - Sweet Smile - Scooter Lee.mp3
FB09BIS--06 Irish Stew - Whisky In The Jar - Shamrock.mp3
FB09BIS--08 Me Marie - My Marie - Billy Yates.mp3
FB09BIS--09 Silent Memories - Only Time Will Tell - Kennt Chesney.mp3
FB09BIS--10 Celtic Kickens - Celtic Kickens - Michael Flatley.mp3
FB09BIS--12 Bossa Nova - Blame It On The Bossa Nova - Jane Mcdonald.mp3
FB10--01 Sunshine Waltz - All For The Love Of Sunshine - Steve Holly.mp3
FB10--02 Fais Do Do - Fais Do Do - Charlie Daniels.mp3
FB10--03 Urban Living - Backroads - Ricky Van Shelton.mp3
FB10--05 The World - The World - Brad Paisley.mp3
FB10--08 A Small Cafe - What I’ve Got In Mind - Billie Jo Spears.mp3
FB10--09 K - Rockebilly Riot - Chicken Truck - John Anderson.mp3
FB10--10 Leaving Of Liverpool - The Leaving Of Liverpool - Shamrock.mp3
FB10--12 The Hop - At The Hop - Danny And The Juniors.mp3
FB10--14 C'est La Vie - C'est La Vie - Emmylou Harris.mp3
FB10--15 Trail Of Teardrops - Jackson - Nancy Sinatra.mp3
FB10--16 Mayby I Could - I Might - Shakin Stevens.mp3
FB11--01a Twinkel In Your Eyes - From A Jack To A King - Peter Wesley.mp3
FB11--02 Urban Living - Live To Love Another Day - Keith Urban.mp3
FB11--04 Heart Of An Angel - Heart Of An Angel - Modern Talking.mp3
FB11--05 Betty's Boogie - Footloose - Woolpackers.mp3
FB11--06 Good Night 2b Lonely - Good Night To Be Lonely - Steve Holey.mp3
FB11--09 Boots - Cowboy Boots - The Backsliders.mp3
FB11--11 Either Ither - Me Neither - Brad Paisley.mp3
FB11--12 Naughty But Nice - Your Good Girl's Gonna Go Bad - Tammy Wynette.mp3
FB11--13 Jailhouse Creole - Jailhouse Rock-King Creole - Billy Swan.mp3
FB11--14 Back To Front - Today I Started Loving You Again - Buddy Jewell & Miranda Lambert.mp3
FB11--15 Riverside Lovin - Easy Lovin - Freddy Heart.mp3
FB11--16 Makes Me Crazy - Matchbox - Peter Wesley.mp3
FB11--17 Rodeo Blues - Secret Love - Diamond Jack.mp3
FB12--01 K - In Love With Me - I Can't Keep You In Love With Me - Vince Gill & Terri Clark.mp3
FB12--03 Ain't Nothin Shakin  - Ain't Nothing - Brooks And Dunn.mp3
FB12--04 I'm Gonna Crazy - I'm Gonna Crazy - Eamon Mc Cann.mp3
FB12--05 Never Never Cha Cha Line - Never Giving Up On Love - Michael Martin Murphy.mp3
FB12--06 Cowgirls Dreams - Lana - Roy Orbison.mp3
FB12--07 Swing City Jive - Shine Them Buckles - The Bellamy Brothers.mp3
FB12--10 The Color Of Love - The Color Of Love - Dwight Yoakam.mp3
FB12--11 Come On Joe - Come On Joe - George Strait.mp3
FB12--12 Firecracker - She's A Firecracker - Firecracker - Josh Turner.mp3
FB12--13 Poor Boy Blues - Poor Boy Blues - Dire Straits.mp3
FB12--14 Enchantment - Land Of Enchantment - Michael Martin Murphy.mp3
FB12--16 After Five Stomp - When The Wind Blows - Brother Phelps.mp3
FB13--01 Billy B Bad - Billy B Bad - The Dean Brothers.mp3
FB13--02 On The Kitchen Tiles - A Mess Of Blues - Peter Wesley.mp3
FB13--03 Go With Me - Would You Go With Me - Peter Wesley.mp3
FB13--04 Rebel Amor - Rebelle Amor - Belle Perez.mp3
FB13--05 Low Key - Laid Back N Low Key - Alan Jackson.mp3
FB13--06 This Is The Life - This Is The Life - Amy Mc Donald.mp3
FB13--07 Big Love - The Big One - George Strait.mp3
FB13--08 Skifflebilly Bop - Skifflebilly Bop - The Lennerockers.mp3
FB13--09 K - Do The Maverick-The Shadow - All You Ever Do Is Bring Me Down - The Mavericks.mp3
FB13--10 Back In Line - I Walk The Line - Johnny Cash & Rodney Crowell.mp3
FB13--11 Country Hustle (Rap) - Twist The Deal - Route 66.mp3
FB13--12 Drink On - Get My Drink On - Toby Keith.mp3
FB13--15 Claire’s Dance - Cristal Chandeliers - Billy Jo Spears.mp3
FB14--01 California Coast - Never Touch I Fall In Love With You - Billy Ray Cyrus.mp3
FB14--02 Don't You Wish - Don't You Wish It Was True - John Fogerty.mp3
FB14--03 My Heart Skips A Beat - My Heart Skips A Beat - Dwight Yoakam.mp3
FB14--05 K - Cowboy Cha Cha - If I Said You Have A Beautiful Body - Bellamy Brothers.mp3
FB14--07 Rollin’ With The Flow – Rollin’ With The Flow - Marc Chesnutt.mp3
FB14--08 Addicted To Love - Addicted To Love - Kimber Clayton.mp3
FB14--09 Mr Rock And Roll - Mr Rock And Roll - Amy Mc Donald.mp3
FB14--10 Shaking Mix - Hitmix - Shaking Stevens.mp3
FB14--11 If Wishes Were Horses - If Wishes Were Horses - Kimber Clayton.mp3
FB14--12 My Veronica - Veronica - Barbados.mp3
FB14--13 Be Strong - The Words I Love You - Chris De Burgh.mp3
FB14--14 California Coast - Steamy Windows - Tina Turner.mp3
FB14--15 Walking Backwards - Walking Backwards - Brandon Sandefur.mp3
FB15--01 K - Best Of Friends - Best Of Friends - Dave Sherrif.mp3
FB15--03 Islands In The Stream - Islands In The Stream – Kenny Rogers & Dolly Parton.mp3
FB15--04 Address Unknown - Return To Sender - Elvis Presley.mp3
FB15--05a Cabo San Lucas - Cabos San Lucas - Peter Wesley.mp3
FB15--06 All Shook Up - I’m All Shook Up - Elvis Presley.mp3
FB15--07 Sweet Baby Mine - Rolling In My Sweet Baby’s Arms - Buck Owens.mp3
FB15--08 Coupe De Ville - Coupe De Ville - The Lennerockers.mp3
FB15--09 She Believes - She Believes In Me - Kenny Rogers.Mp3.mp3
FB15--10 These Arms - These Arms - Dwight Yoakam.mp3
FB15--13 Wanna Be Elvis - Elvis Tonight - Jason Allen.mp3
FB15--14 Galway Girls - Galway Girl - Sharon Shannon And Steve Earle.mp3
FB15--15 K - My Rose - Rose Of My Heart - Dixie Aces.mp3
FB15--16 Old 97 - Oh Suzanna - Magill.mp3
FB15--16a Old 97 - The Wreck Of The Old 97 - Boxcar Willie.mp3
FB15--17 Lost In Love - I Lose My Heart - Chris Isaak & Michelle Branch.mp3
FB15--18 I'm Alive - I'm Alive - Celine Dion.mp3
FB15--18a I'm Alive rap - I'm Alive - Celine Dion.mp3
FB15--19 Chill Factor - Last Night - Chris Anderson & DJ Robbie.mp3
FB16--01a Bob The Be - Bob To Be - Peter Wesley.mp3
FB16--02 Go Mama Go - Let Your Momma Go - Ann Taylor.mp3
FB16--03a Heaven In My Woman's Eyes - Heaven In My Woman's Eyes - Peter Wesley.mp3
FB16--04 Gotta Keep Praying - Till The Answer Comes - Paul Overstreet.mp3
FB16--05 Til The Sun Falls - I Will Always Be With You - Paul Baley.mp3
FB16--06 K - Lover Please Come Back - Lover Please Come Back - Billy Swan.mp3
FB16--09 Get Your Feet Down - 1,2,3 - Ann Taylor.mp3
FB16--11 Old 97 - Country Megamix - Magill.mp3
FB16--12 Sidewinder Swing - More Where That Came From - Dolly Parton.mp3
FB16--13a She's Gone Gone Gone - She's Gone Gone Gone - Peter Wesley.mp3
FB16--14a Bare Essentials - Bare Essentials - Mavericks.mp3
FB16--18 Because Of You - Olivia - Rick Trevino.mp3
FB16--22 Quando quando - Quando Quando - Engelbert Humperdink.mp3
FB16--23 Country Roads 3'22'' traag - Country Roads - Hermes House Band.mp3
FB16--24 Toes - Toes - Zac Brown Band.mp3
FBSS--01 K - Riding - Riding Alone - Rednex.mp3
FBSS--08 Kicking Country - Shame About That - Sarah Evans.mp3
FBSS--09 Blue Roses - Blue Rose - Pam Tillis.mp3
FBSS--14 Freeze DD - I Couldn't Leave You If I Tried - Rodney Crowell.mp3
FBSS--17 Dizzy - Dizzy - Scooter Lee.mp3
FBSS--20 Canadian Stomp - Any Man Of Mine - Shania Twain.mp3
FDD01--01 It Hurts - It Hurts - Lena Philipsson.mp3
FDD01--02 Ghost Train - Hot Rod Heart - John Fogerty.mp3
FDD01--03 Crazy Foot Mambo - If You Wanna Be Happy - Dr Victor & The Rasta Reels.mp3
FDD01--04 Bad Swamp Thang - Swamp Thing - The Grid.mp3
FDD01--05 Come Dance With Me - Come Dance With Me - Nancy Hayes.mp3
FDD01--06 Not Fair - Not Fair - Lily Allen.mp3
FDD01--08 Tap Room Boogie - Maxines Tap Room Boogie - Travis Kidd.mp3
FDD01--09 Maureth's Monday - Except For Monday - Lorrie Morgan.mp3
FDD01--10 Tumbling Rush - They Call It For A Reason - Trisha Yearwood.mp3
FDD01--11 Buy Me A Drink - Do You Still Wanna Buy Me That Drink - Lorrie Morgan.mp3
FDD01--12 Favourite Boyfriend Of The Year - Favourite Boyfriend Of The Year - The Mcclymonts.mp3
FDD01--13 Louisiana Swing - Home To Louisiana - Ann Tayler.mp3
FDD01--14 Sin City Swing - Viva Las Vegas - She Is The King.mp3
FDD01--15 U Turn - Your Heart Turned Left - Jason Allen.mp3
FDD01--16 This Pretty Face - This Pretty Face - Amy Mc Donald.mp3
FDD01--17 The Right To Remain Silent - The Right To Remain Silent - Doug Stone.mp3
FDD01--18 It's America - It's America - Rodney Atkins.mp3
FDD01--19 Shakatak - Ciega Sordomuda - Shakira.mp3
FDD01--20 Body In Motion - Angelina - Lou Bega.mp3
FDD01--21 Far From The Charts - Far From The Charts - The Lennerockers.mp3
FDD01--22 Zjozzys Funk - Bacco Perbacco - Zuchero.mp3
FDD01--23 Go With The Flow - Let Your Love Flow - Mike Melange & Allan Corner.mp3
FDD02--02 Tango With The Sheriff - Cha Tango - Dave Sheriff.mp3
FDD02--03 Kill The Spider - You Need A Man Around Here - Brad Paisley.mp3
FDD02--04 Moonlight Kiss - Moonlight Kiss - Raul Malo.mp3
FDD02--05 Buffalo Tales - That's What They Say About The Buffalo - Michael Peterson.mp3
FDD02--06 6 Months & 18 Days - I Have Been Lonely - Blake Shelton.mp3
FDD02--07 Never Ever - No No Never - Texas Lightning.mp3
FDD02--08 Old Dan Tucker - Old Dan Tucker - Bruce Springsteen.mp3
FDD02--09 Shania's Moment - From This Moment On - Shania Twain.mp3
FDD02--10 Lightning Polka - Sin Wagon - Dixie Chicks.mp3
FDD02--11 Southside Stomp - Southside Stomp - Jenai.mp3
FDD02--12 Dancing Violins - Dueling Violins - Roman Hardiman.mp3
FDD02--13 Shutting Detroit Down - Shuttin' Detroit Down - John Rich.mp3
FDD02--14 Double Shot Of Love - Love Love - Amy MacDonald.mp3
FDD02--15 Tennessee Waltz Surprise - Tennessee Waltz - Ireen Sheer.mp3
FDD02--16 Cowgirl Shooter - Shooter - Rednex.mp3
FDD02--17 Calypso Mexico - Calypso Mexico - Bouke.mp3
FDD02--18 All Day Long - Mr Mom - Lonestar.mp3
FDD02--19 Rhyme Or Reason - It Happens - Sugarland.mp3
FDD02--20 Water - Water - Brad Paisley.mp3
FDD02--21 Closer Rap - Stars @ Stripes - Onbekend.mp3
FDD02--22 Black Coffee Rap - Sometimes When We Touch - Newton.mp3
FDD03--01 City of New Orleans - Salut Les Amoureux - Roch Voisine.mp3
FDD03--02 K - Hello Heart - Hello Heart - George Jones.mp3
FDD03--03 Cool Chick - Please Mama Please - Go Cat Go.mp3
FDD03--04 Cotton Picking Morning - Cotton Pickin' Time - Blake Shelton.mp3
FDD03--05 K - Pulman City Dance - Walking The Line - Dave Sheriff.mp3
FDD03--06 K - Pulman City Dance - Axel F - Crazy Frog.mp3
FDD03--07 K - Zippy Kinda Thing - onbekend - onbekend.mp3
FDD03--07 K - Zippy Kinda Thing - Slow Hurry - Bellamy Brothers.mp3
FDD03--08 Shapin Up -The Shape I'm In - The Deans .mp3
FDD03--09 Da Doo Run Run - Da Doo Run Run - Shaun Cassidy.mp3
FDD03--10 Big Girl Boogie - Big Girl - Mika.mp3
FDD03--11 Helluva Polka - If You're Going Through Hell - Rodney Atkins.mp3
FDD03--12 Homeward Bound - Take Me Home - Tol & Tol.mp3
FDD03--13 Knee Deep - Knee Deep - Zac Brown Band.mp3
FDD03--14 Next To Me - Next To Me - Ilse De Lange.mp3
FDD03--15 Trust Me - Vincero - Fredrik Kempe.mp3
FDD03--16 The Flute - The Flute - Barcode Brothers.mp3
FDD03--17 Make This Day - Make This Day - Zac Brown Band.mp3
FDD03--18 Don't Wake The Devil  - Don't Wake The Devil - Billy Curtis.mp3
FDD03--19 A Guy's Waltz - I'm Still A Guy - Brad Paisley.mp3
FDD03--20 Quitter - Quitter - Carrie Underwood.mp3
FDD03--21 Something In The Water - Something In The Water - Brooke Fraser.mp3
FDD03--22 Another Love Song - Another Lovesong - Anne Tayler.mp3
FDD04--01 Giddy On Up - Giddy On Up - Laura Bell Bundy.mp3
FDD04--02 Cotton Eyed Joe - Cotton Eyed Joe - Isaac Payton Sweat.mp3
FDD04--03 Lookin' Out My Back Door - Lookin' Out My Back Door - CCR.mp3
FDD04--04 K - Billy's Dance - San Francisco - The Olsen Brothers.mp3
FDD04--05 My Pretty Belinda - Pretty Belinda - Dr. Victor and the Rasta Rebels.mp3
FDD04--06 Between Dances - In Between Dances - Pam Tillis.mp3
FDD04--07 Little White Church - Little White Church - Little Big Town.mp3
FDD04--08 Go Seven - Seven Lonely Days - Bouke.mp3
FDD04--09 Af en Af - Af en Af - Kurt Darren.mp3
FDD04--10 Heartbreak Express - Heartbreak Express - Dolly Parton.mp3
FDD04--11 Blue Cafe - Blue Cafe - Danny Everett & Albert West.mp3
FDD04--12 Marina - Marina - Bouke.mp3
FDD04--13 Summer Wine - Summer Wine - Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood.mp3
FDD04--14 The Gambler - The Gambler - Kenny Rogers Robert Wilsdon Remix.mp3
FDD04--15 An Irish Waltz - Beautiful Meath - Mary Duf.mp3
FDD04--16 Never Ending Love - Never Ending Song Of Love - Crystal Gayle.mp3
FDD04--17 Rock A Billy Rebel - Rockabilly Rebel - Matchbox.mp3
FDD04--18 La Luna - Stand By Me - Prince Royce.mp3
FDD04--19 Half Past Nothin' - Knock Knock - Jack Savoretti.mp3
FDD04--20 I'm A Bird -  I'm A Bird - Marco Z.mp3
FDD04--21 Another Song - Another Song I Had To Write - Jacob Lyda.mp3
FDD04--22 Coward Of The County -  Coward Of The County - Kenny Rogers.mp3
FDD04--23 Forever Little - Love Story - Taylor Swift.mp3
FDD05--01 Loreley - Loreley - Blackmore's Night.mp3
FDD05--02 What A Thrill - O What A Thrill - Mavericks.mp3
FDD05--03 Friday Yet - Is It Friday Yet - Gord Bamford.mp3
FDD05--04 Truck A Truck - If A Girl Who Loves To Truck - The Road Hammers.mp3
FDD05--05 Rolling In The Deep - Rolling In The Deep - Adele.mp3
FDD05--06 1929 - 1929 - Tara Oram.mp3
FDD05--07 Love Trip - Love Trip - Jerry Kilgore.mp3
FDD05--08 Dolly Dolly - What Would Dolly Do - Kristin Chenoweth.mp3
FDD05--09 Rock-Paper-Scissors - Rock-Paper-Scissors - Katzenjammer.mp3
FDD05--10 I'm A Little Bit Lonely - I'm A Little Bit Lonely - Lisa Mc Hugh.mp3
FDD05--11 Saturday Night - Saturday Night - Carin Care.mp3
FDD05--13 Kiss Me Mary - Kiss Me Mary - Derek Ryan.mp3
FDD05--14 Whiskey's Gone - Whiskey's Gone - Zac Brown.mp3
FDD05--15 First To Last - Youre The First The Last My Everything - Barry White.mp3
FDD05--16 Doctor, Doctor - Bad Case Of Lovin' You - Robert Palmer.mp3
FDD05--17 Lovers' Hideaway - The River - Keith Urban.mp3
FDD05--18 Winners And Losers - The Losing Side Of Me - Mavericks.mp3
FDD05--19 Fifty Two Beers Ago - Beers Ago - Toby Keith(Radio Party Mix).mp3
FDD05--20a Jambalaya - Jambalaya - Joel Sonnier & Eddy Raven.mp3
FDD05--21 Walking On Air - Angel Eyes - Michael Learns To Rock.mp3
FDD05--22 L'Auctionner - L'Auctionner - Billy Hunter.mp3
FDD06--01 Grundy Gallop - Sold - John Michael Montgomerey.mp3
FDD06--02 Quarter After One - Need You Now - Lady Antebellum.mp3
FDD06--03 K - Ding Ding Dong - Sing Along Song - DJ(Cowboy).mp3
FDD06--03a K - Ding Ding Dong - Sing Along Song - Tim Tim.mp3
FDD06--04 You Got Away - You Got Away - Ann Tayler.mp3
FDD06--05 Reflection - Da Roots - Mind Reflection.mp3
FDD06--06 All Over Again - All Over Again - The Mavericks.mp3
FDD06--07 Have You Ever Seen The Rain - Have You Ever Seen The Rain - CCR.mp3
FDD06--08 Mexi-Fest - Back In Your Arms Again - The Mavericks.mp3
FDD06--09 Belle Of Liverpool - The Belle Of Liverpool - Derek Ryan.mp3
FDD06--10 Wagon Wheel Rock - Wagon Wheel - Nathan Carter.mp3
FDD06--11 Maverockin - As Long As There's Loving Tonight - The Mavericks.mp3
FDD06--12 Just One For The Road -  One For The Road - Nathan Carter.mp3
FDD06--13 Sex, Love And Texas - Sex, Love & Texas - The Skinners.mp3
FDD06--14 Silver Lining - Silver Lining - Kacey Musgraves.mp3
FDD06--15 Hey Brother - Hey Brother - Avicii.mp3
FDD06--16 High Cotton  - High Cotton - Alabama.mp3
FDD06--17 El Camino - El Camino - Robbie Mcgowan Hickie.mp3
FDD06--18 Jose' Cuervo - Jose' Cuervo - Kimber Clayton.mp3
FDD06--19 Where The Wind Blows - The Wind - Zac Brown Band.mp3
FDD06--20 People Are Crazy - People Are Crazy - Billy Currington.mp3
FDD07--01 The Gimmese Boogie - Can't Let Go - Jill King.mp3
FDD07--02 Don't Take Your Hands Of My Heart - Don't Take Your Hands Of My Heart - Dawn Sears.mp3
FDD07--03 Blanket On The Ground - Blanket On The Ground - Billy Jo Spears.mp3
FDD07--04 Take Another Little Piece Of My Heart - Take Another Little Piece Of My Heart - Nathan Carter.mp3
FDD07--05 Tears On The Highway - Calm After The Storm - The Common Linnets.mp3
FDD07--06 Better Times a Comin' - Better Times a Comin' - Derek Ryan Yukon.mp3
FDD07--07 Laia & Sweet - I'm Alright - Jo Dee Messina.mp3
FDD07--08 Lovin' You Is Fun  - Lovin' You Is Fun - Easton Corbin.mp3
FDD07--08 Lovin' You Is Fun  - Lovin' You Is Fun - Robby Longo.mp3
FDD07--09 Hot Sexy Mama - Hot Sexy Mama - Bouke.mp3
FDD07--10 So Tell Me - Sunshine In The Rain - Ann Tayler.mp3
FDD07--11 Pontoon - Little Big Town - Little Big Town.mp3
FDD07--12 The Boat To Liverpool - On The Boat To Liverpool - Nathan Carter.mp3
FDD07--13 Open Heart Cowboy - Little Yellow Blanket - Dean Brody.mp3
FDD07--14 Feelin' The Feelin' - Feelin' The Feelin' - Dj Ötzi & Bellamy Brothers.mp3
FDD07--14a Feelin' The Feelin' - Feelin' The Feelin' - Peter Wesley.mp3
FDD07--15 On The Road Again - On The Road Again - Ann Tayler.mp3
FDD07--16 One Shot - Stripes - Brandy Clark.mp3
FDD07--17 Apple Jack - Apple Jack - Lisa McHugh.mp3
FDD07--18 Where We've Been - Remember When - Alan Jackson.mp3
FDD07--19 When The Diamonds Fall -  I Wish It Would Rain - Lisa McHugh.mp3
FDD07--20 Don’t Look Good Naked - I Don’t Look Good Naked Anymore - The Snake Oil Willie Band.mp3
FDD07--21 Perfect Match - A Perfect Love - Trisha Yearwood.mp3

FDD08--01 Good Time Girls - Good Time Girls - Nathan Carter.mp3
FDD08--02 Everlasting - Everlasting - Kaci Battaglia.mp3
FDD08--03 Tornado - Tornado - Little Big Town.mp3
FDD08--04 Corn Don’t Grow - Where Corn Don't Grow - Travis Tritt.mp3
FDD08--05 Optimist - Optimist - Nick Mc Alley.mp3
FDD08--06 Just A Girl - Just A Girl - Lady Antebellum.mp3
FDD08--07 Umbrella Swing - Umbrella - The Baseballs.mp3
FDD08--08 High Life - High Life - Brad Paisley.mp3
FDD08--09 River Bank - River Bank - Brad Paisley.mp3

FDD08--10 Dream Lover - Dream Lover - Jason Donovan.mp3
FDD08--11 Don't Disturb me - Wake Me Up - Avicii.mp3
FDD08--12 She Was Mine - I Should Have Been True - The Mavericks.mp3
FDD08--13 A Womans Rant - A Womans Rant - Jo Dee Messina.mp3
FDD08--14 Tag On - Too Strong To Break - Beccy Cole.mp3
FDD08--15 Hearts of stone - Hearts of stone - John Fogerty.mp3
FDD08--16 You Never Know - You Never Know - Alan Jackson.mp3
FDD08--17 16 Bars - 16 Bars - The Southern Gothic.mp3
FDD08--18 New Shade of Blue - New Shade of Blue - Southern Pacific.mp3
FDD08--19 South Australia - South Australia - Nathan Carter.mp3
FDD08--20 An Underdog - The Underdog - Aaron Watson.mp3

FDD09--01 Paper Heart - Singing Paper Heart - Stealing Angels.mp3
FDD09--02 Mountain Man - Mountain Man - Dean Brody.mp3
FDD09--03 Homegrown - Homegrown - Zac Brown Band.mp3
FDD09--04 Little Bit Gypsy - Little Bit Gipsy - Kellie Pickler.mp3
FDD09--05 Big Blue Tree - Big Blue Tree - Michael English.mp3
FDD09--06 You Belong With Me -  - You Belong With Me - Taylor Swift.mp3
FDD09--07 Like A Rose - Like A Rose - Ashley Monroe.mp3
FDD09--08 Mars Attack - Chocolate - Soul Controle.mp3
FDD09--09 My Kind Of Music - My Kind Of Music - Ray Scott.mp3
FDD09--10 Long Cool Woman In A Black Dress - The Long Cool Woman In The Black Dress - Raul Malo.mp3
FDD09--11 Lord Help Me - Lord Help Me Be The Kind Of Person - The Bellamy Brothers.mp3
FDD09--12 To Be In Love - Love Would Be Enough - Dean Brody.mp3
FDD09--13 JR - All You Need Is Me - Joey Rory..mp3
FDD09--14 Thinkin Country - What Was I Thinkin - Dierks Bentley.mp3
FDD09--15 Modern Romance - Something To Die For - Fiona Culley.mp3
FDD09--16 Sunbeam - Sunbeam - Jack County.mp3
FDD09--17 Bring On The Good Times - Bring On The Good Times - Lisa McHugh.mp3
FDD09--18 Never Get Old - Never Get Old - Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats.mp3
FDD09--19 Bring Down the House - Bring Down the House - Dean Brody.mp3
FDD09--20 Built To Last - Under The Hood - Billy Ray Cyrus.mp3

FDD10--01 The Island - The Island - Shauna McStravock.mp3
FDD10--02 Earthbound – Earthbound - Rodney Crowell.mp3
FDD10--03 Raggle Taggle Gypsy O - Liedje Raggle Taggle Gypsy - Derek Ryan.mp3
FDD10--04 Happy, Happy, Happy - Soggy Bottom Summer - Dean Brody.mp3
FDD10--05 2 Lane Highway - Me And My Girl - Vince Gill.mp3
FDD10--06 Stay All Night - Stay All Night - Derek Ryan.mp3

FDD10--07 While I Was Making Love To You - While I Was Making Love To You - Niamh Lynn While.mp3
FDD10--08 Sweet Dummy - Shotgun - The Mcclymonts.mp3
FDD10--09 Sad Story -  Not Ready To Make Nice - Dixie Chicks.mp3
FDD10--10 Right In The Middle - Right In The Middle - Ann Tayler.mp3
FDD10--11 Locklin's Bar - Locklin's Bar - Michael English.mp3

FDD10--12 Ouzo & Black - Ouzo and Black - Didier Beaumont.mp3

FDD10--13 Queen Of Hearts - Queen Of Hearts - Juice Newton.mp3
FDD10--14 Redneck Woman - Redneck Woman -  Gretchen Wilson.mp3

FDD10--15 Never Ever Go Away - Baby don't leave me in the night time - michael english.mp3

FDD10--16 Twist & turns - Tommorow Never Comes - Zac Brown Band.mp3

FDD10--17 Friday At The Dance - Friday At The Dance - Michael English.mp3

FDD10--18 Could've Been The Whiskey - Wasn't That A Party - Mike Denver.mp3

FDD10--19 Gypsy Queen - Gypsy Queen - Chris Norman.mp3

FDD10--20 Hey Porter - Hey Porter - Marty Stuart.mp3

FDD10--21 A Country High - High On A Country Song - Sam Riggs.mp3

FDD11--01 Lonely Drum - Lonely Drum - Aaron Goodwin.mp3

FDD11--02 Nancy Mulligan - Nancy Mulligan - Ed Sheeran.mp3

FDD11--03 Some Girls Will - Some Girls Will, Some Girls Won't - Mike Denver.mp3

FDD11--04 Sunday cha cha - hallelujah, amen - Reba McEntire.mp3 

FDD11--05 Down on your uppers - Down on your uppers - Derek Ryan.mp3

FDD11--06 Fireflies - Firefly - Derek Ryan.mp3

FDD11--07 Second Hand Heart - Second Hand Heart - Gerry Guthrie.mp3

FDD11--08 Dixie Girl - Dixie Girl - Johnathan East.mp3

FDD11--09 Sweet Hurt - Sweet Hurt - Jack Savoretti.mp3

FDD11--10 Perfect - Perfect - Ed Sheeran.mp3

FDD11--11 Every time she walks by - Every time she walks - Adam Brand.mp3

FDD11--12 See A Cowboy Cry - Cowboy Cry - Rudy Parris.mp3

FDD11--13 American Kids - American Kids - Kenny Chesney.mp3

FDD11--14 Untamed - Untamed - Cam.mp3

FDD11--15 I Saw The Light - I Saw The Light - Conny Lee.mp3

FDD11--16 Blue Wing - Blue Wing - The Tom Russell Band.mp3

FDD11--17 The Leavin' Side - The Leavin Side - Carlene Carter.mp3

FDD11--18 Farmer's Wife - A Farmer's Wife - Jayne Denham.mp3

FDD11--19 Roots - Roots - Zac Brown Band.mp3

FDD11--20 Perfect Place - We Got It All - Meghan Patrick.mp3

FDD11--21 Wonder - Wonder - Josh Turner.mp3

FDD11--22 Chasin' Tail Lights - E - Matt Mason. mp3

No Name--01 Rock Around The Clock - Rock Around The Clock - Bill Hailey.mp3

No Name--04 White Rose - White Rose - Toby Keith.mp3
No Name--06 Sassafras Gap - Sassafras Gap - Lee Kernaghan.mp3
No Name--07 Chicken Fried Stomp - Chicken Fried - Zac Brown Band.mp3

FDD12--01 Have I Told You - Have I Told You That I love You - Elizma Theron.mp3

FDD12--02 Summer Fly - Summer Fly - Hayley Westenra.mp3

FDD12--03 Got Your Number - Got Your Number - Serena Ryder.mp3

FDD12--04 Both Be On Our Way - Both Be On Our Way - Jerry Kilgore.mp3

FDD12--05 Louisiana Girl - Louisiana Girl - Marty Rivers.mp3

FDD12--06 The Race - The Race Is On - Sawyer Brown.mp3

FDD12--07 Forget Your Troubles - Forget Your Troubles Tonight - The Outlaws.mp3

FDD12--08 White Wisky - White Wisky - Didier Beaumont.mp3

FDD12--09 Shake Your Boogie - Shake Your Boogie And Roll - Pete Stothard.mp 3

FDD12--10 Day Of Victory - Listen To Your Senses - Slim Attraction.mp3

FDD12--11 Big John Law - John Law - Buck Owens.mp3

FDD12--12 Alice - Living Next Door To Alice - Smokey.mp3

FDD12--13 Ride With Me - Ride With Me - The Maverickx.mp3

FDD12--14 Safe Haven - Safe Haven - Hilllary Scott & The Scott Family.mp3

FDD12--15 We've Got Time - What I've got in mind - Bernie Heaney.mp3

FDD12--16 Dear Friend - Carry You Home - Ward Thomas.mp3

FDD12--17 Diane - Diane - Cam.mp3

FDD12--18 Stuck On Me + You - Stuck On Me + You - Emily Ann Roberts.mp3

FDD12--19 Waves Of Love - Wherever Love Takes Us - Drake Jensen.mp3

FDD12--20 Let's Kiss About It - Kiss About It - Leaving Thomas.mp3

FDD12--21 Damn - Damn - Brett Kissel.mp3 

FDD12--22 Bonapartes Retreat - Bonaparte's Retreat - Glenn Campbell.mp3